Shaders Mod for 1.6.2 Update Release date!

Hey there! I’ve got some really Awesome news for you! It’s that the Shaders Mod is going to be released for 1.6.2 on the 28th of July!

I’m not so sure yet if it will be working 100% But I’ll make a Video tutorial over it for you guys as a lot of you have requested it!

Also I’m getting quite a lot of Haters on my Shaderpack video for changing the title to 1.6.2 what is totally correct! I think that everyone got a huge misstake and thinks the Mod is for 1.6.2. So I’d want to apologize for that as it wasn’t wanted!

So I hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see us on Sunday the 28th for the 1.6.2 Shaders Update!!! 🙂

And here’s a fun Picture for Minecraft 1.6 Release that I found somewhere on the MInecraftForums ^^ 😀