How to install the Minecraft Shaders for the latest version (Always up to date)

How to install Minecraft Shaders for the latest verion (Always Updated)

  1. Go to the website and click on Downloads
  2. Choose the latest verison of the Optifine HD Ultra mod
  3. Click on (mirror) to download
  4. Open the Optifine File and click install
  5. Start Minecraft
  6. Go to options video settings and you will see a new tab “shaders”
  7. Click on open shaders folder and drag the RudoPlays shader .ZIP in there.
  8. Done!

You can simply download the RudoPlays shaders page on the Downloads Page

If you need any help, please feel free to join the Discord Server. You can ask Minecraft questions or just have a nice chat!

Author: RudoPlays

Hi! I'm RudoPlays. Here you can find all cool stuff and videos about the awesome Sand-Box Game called Minecraft! I also make addons for the Shaders Mod!

108 thoughts on “How to install the Minecraft Shaders for the latest version (Always up to date)”

  1. hello,

    first off all i would like to say that i love this shader mod. But i have a problem.Whenever i go into a cave or when it rains during night time it gets to dark that i can’t see a thing only black there a way to fix this ?

  2. dude tnx but i didnt use full screen because its lag IDK why i just want to be like a realsm

    AM I RIGHT???


    1. Try lowering your Render Distance and Smooth lighting.
      Also turning Fog to OFF helps a lot! 😉

  3. hi and thank you for the quick reply but when i try loading the shader mod for fin it says no mods found

  4. Thanks, I Thought Youd Never Reply But You Did, So Thanks For The Mod And Shaderpack Iv’e Been Lookgin For A While Youve Actually Got A Comment From Keralis Too, Your Really Helpful 🙂

    1. Hey Rudo. I am trying to get the shaders mod working but whenever I login magic launcher and choose a world, it goes to the dirt screen and crashes or it doesn’t respond if I am not in fullscreen. I am using OptiFine_1.5.2_HD_U_D2, and RudoPlays Shader(fA%r ShuffleLP).zip. I am currently using a Windows7 and the minecraft and the files above are all 1.5.2. Could you please help me out

  5. HELP, it’s so annoying that there isn’t a problems page for these types of mods.
    I installed your shaders but i can’t get the water and boushes to move. I only have shades and that’s it. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. I Tried Using Magic Launchers With Other Mods. It Said Optifine Had Three Errors.Since It Has Errors,I Can’t Do The Part Where The Realistic Style Of The Bushes And Tree Leaves Are.Nothing Is Wrong

  7. hey rudo your so talented at moding i need help with one thing how do i install ovo’s rustic minecraft forum is so confusing + dose better player animations work with your shader Keep up the great work Buddy

  8. hey dude, i want to ask something, are shader only can be use by premium users only or everyone can use it? thanks 😀

  9. hey, dude, it says “failed using mutiple internal formats in frame buffer.”
    “using low quality workaround!” when i play the game. help please 🙂

    1. I’m not too sure what Low Quality Workaround is… Try without and be sure to set Chunk Loading to default in your Settings 😉

  10. Man, I find your shaderpack awesome. Just one thing : do you know you to delete the “blurry” effect ? Because everything seems to have an “blurry aura”, and it’s the only thing I find odd.

  11. The quality of the shaderpack is amazing! But, whenever I’m using it, a big green block takes up a portion of the screen. I followed the tutorial, and on magic launcher, there were 2 errors. How can I fix this?

  12. When i install ur mod i get black bars going throug the ground the leaves don’t move and when i move the shadow moves with me and always stays ontop of me.

  13. Do I need like… a texture pack or another mod? When I log on everything looks the same and the only changed is there’s a “Shaders” option in the options but it doesn’t do anything.

  14. Can you please put a copy of your .minecraft folder into a file and put it into mediafire. I need it as I was foolish to delete it after messing it up. Please give me the mediafire link tooooo. 🙂 And I love your SHADER!!! I can’t wait to try it out!!!

  15. Hey, i have a little problem installing your shaders. I did just same, as you did in the video. But in the Setup, it says ‘No Mods Found’ next to the ‘RudoPlays Shaderpack’ Do you know whats wrong? 🙁

  16. Hey umm every time I use magic launcher my shaders mod always coms up with 2 errors and every time I press test I just get a black screen

  17. HELP! I have an I7 computer with turbo boost and 16gb RAM and with this mod installed, my game still ran at 10 fps full screen. I have before run at 1200fps while using 4000mb memory.

  18. every time i use it nothing happens im using it exactly how im supposed to but when i select the shaderpack nothing happens and it looks exactly the same as without the shaders please man tell what is happening

  19. I’ve been having the same problems as every one else: black screens when I try to use the shader. I really wanted to use this shader too, but I guess unless you happen to find a fix to it I can’t. I’ve tried extracting it, but that didn’t really do anything. I even tried installing Optifine because I wasn’t sure if you might need that mod or something (as you may tell, I’m not tech savy), and that didn’t do anything. Optifine works though, which is telling me that it’s not just a bum Magic Launcher download or anything. Does it just need to be updated? You did give us an old version of Magic in the download, is there a new version that you made that’s out? Do I have to downgrade to get this? I’d really like some help on this one, thanks.

    1. Just a little follow-up, I decided to watch about an hour worth of videos and screwing around with it, and it still hasn’t worked. I’ve tried using the specific Optifine on the link you gave for MagicLauncher and for the newer version, and I got nothing. I’ve followed steps and I’ve learned a bit of German out of desperation, and nothing. Sorry for the double post, but I’ve seen this in action and it looks smexy, and I’d really like to have it.

  20. I’m having a similar problem like Nusret387, My FPS can stay at a steady 60 but when I use any shader it goes to 14-24 FPS. Please help!

  21. To everyone getting BLACK SCREENS if you are using WINDOWS 8: Run MagicLauncher in windows 7 compatibility mode (Right click>Properties>Compatibility)and run as administrator. Worked for me!

  22. I am having a strange problem, I have installed it correctly and it works, but when I use the shader the leaves do not wiggle and the water does not wave. Everything else works completely fine but just that slight annoyance.

  23. Hey Rudo! I dont know if i did something wrong but everything looks great but the water, not wavy, looks like a plain bunch of water. Should i use a texture pack or what? Thanks!

  24. Hello !
    Thanks a lot for this i was looking for it for a loooong time !
    It s working with me excpt one thing, the water just stay the same, i dont understand why >.<

  25. Hey Rudo do you have an Optifine D5 version of as i want to play with it on the new optifine but dont know if you have created a file yet?


  27. i dont mean to nag u get enough of that on ur vid but PLZ update it to 1.6.2 and make avid on HOW TO INSTALL. PLEASE! i really want to get this!

  28. rudo can you tell me how to fix the water and trees? for some reason water is not clear and wavy, and trees dont float around… :/ can you give me a fix? Thanks!

  29. hey RudoPlays i downloaded the shaders today but when i started my minecraft i got terrible lag i checked on google if theres anyway to stop the lag but i tried everything and it doesnt work :(( heelp 🙁

  30. failed using multiple internal formats in frame buffer please update graphics driver? what does this mean please answer 🙁


  31. Hi there! I tried to install your shader without Magic launcher but, when I bring the descompressed ShaderMod.rar into minecraft.jar, when I try to start minecraft, it turns into a black page… What can I do?

    1. Ok I have solved the problem. It was that my version of optifine wasn’t compatible with the shader. Thank’s for all 😉

  32. i cant log in/come to the minecraft side. beacuse when i whrite my username and passord it comse up something named log!! what do i do????

    1. Hey when i want to open the shaders mod install, there is an error in optifine 🙁
      can you help me out?

  33. I’ve clicked on your download links and it only links me to download iLivid. is that necessary? because I downloaded that and tried the link again but only brought me to the same download link. A little help? Not too good with all this stuff

  34. So i downloaded everything but when i go to the magic launcher there is no minecraft.jar in the video it shows one automtaically there but in mine it just says none so help please

  35. I’ve done all the steps to install the shaders mod but when I log in with Magic Launcher, it doesn’t load Minecraft, instead, it brings up the “Log” and all i can do is copy, clear, and close. Why?

  36. hi, i love this shader and really want to get it but i have a problem. whenever i try logging into my minecraft account on the magic launcher it takes me to a page called “log”. all it says is:

    “*** MagicMinecraftLauncher 1.0.0 ***
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.client.Minecraft
    at$ Source)
    at$ Source)
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at magic.launcher.Launcher.main(Unknown Source)”

    it gives me the option to either clear, copy or close but none of them really do anything. can you help?

  37. I am sort of confused because now its taking me to a different link so I don’t know if its the same instructions you gave me because the link is now different and is downloading a different thing then what it showed in the video.

    1. I have figured out that I got suspended from the website so would that mean I can’t download this Shader’s mod anymore?!

  38. Hello,

    Everytime i go to download this it says its suspended from and i cant download! i realy need help!! because i want his shader so bad!!

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