Shader Mod 1.6.2 Update delayed?

Hey there guys! Got some news…


There are some bugs I cannot fix in time. It seems I can’t finish normal map loading, and mipmap generation today. New features from sonic ether are not included yet. In my development build, bump-shadow-waving can run with a little sky glitch. SEUS v10rc6 and v10rc7 can also run. The new SEUS v10.0 is not supported yet. The scene without mipmap and trilinear filtering is noisy.StatusShaderpack loading  90% complete : lack SEUS new features Shadowmap render    90% complete : lack SEUS new features Render code         80% complete : may need some fine tune Texture loading     50% complete : lack normal, specular mipmap Coremod conversion  10% complete : to do -karyonix


As you can see it’s not really finished so please wait 🙂

Author: RudoPlays

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19 thoughts on “Shader Mod 1.6.2 Update delayed?”

  1. Yes, mrc0101 is right, can’t you wait for a few days? I mean it’s normal that something like THIS takes a long time. But I’ve got a question: Can I use the new Shader with MagicLauncher or did i have to use forge?

  2. I dont blame him for not giving out when it will stop being delayed. To be honest He Dosnt want to be putting any hopes up for anyone. The pour guy. Just give him a brake. Trust me I want the mod as much as you guys do But Its still in progress and the good thing is That Everyday Him and his friend are working on it. Good job. Please understand people

  3. Hey people!
    Just have patience, I’m sure he’s doing all what he can to release it as soon as possible.
    It’s worth the wait 😉

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