Minecraft 1.7.4 + 1.7.2 Shaders Mod + Optifine + Forge

Hey there, just a little update for minecraft version 1.7.2 and 1.7.4!

How to install:

1. Download all 4 Files

2. Install Forge

3. Start Minecraft Launcher and select the new 1.7.2 Forge Profile

4. Press (Windows Key) + (R) and enter %appdata%

5. Navigate to .minecraft -> mods

6. Drag Optifine.jar and ShadersModCore.jar into mods folder

7. Open Minecraft -> Settings -> Shaders -> Open Shaderpacks folder

8. Drag Rudoplaysshader.zip into the Shaderpacks folder.

9. Done!


RudoPlays Shader: LINK 1

Author: RudoPlays

Hi! I'm RudoPlays. Here you can find all cool stuff and videos about the awesome Sand-Box Game called Minecraft! I also make addons for the Shaders Mod!

17 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.7.4 + 1.7.2 Shaders Mod + Optifine + Forge”

  1. 1st, I click on Optifine, go through THREE pages of ad pages and FINALLY get to mediafire to find out that link it so FORGE. Get your links straight, or just put the versions in the descriptions or SOMETHING.
    I would have been more than happy to deal with THREE pages of ad pages, IF, IF, IF the link was for the RIGHT program. Now…. I am SLIGHTLY annoyed.

  2. This tutorial worked well for me, it was simple and easy to follow. Next step for me is getting Millenaire to work.
    I too am agitated by 3 different ad shorteners. Also, fix your links. Many people have reported this and you still haven’t fixed it as of 5/16/2014.

  3. Gah. Your shader links are so annoying.
    You have three different links to the shader, and they all lead to the “uploaded.net” site, wich is total crap.
    Use mediafire or something alike instead.

    My one download bugged, so now I havet to wait an hour to try again.
    Also, your site is FLOODED with commercials and popups.
    You should look into getting rid of tons of it.
    I promise you, it scares people off.

  4. fuck this mod, fuck this website, and fuck all the motherfucking ads you just HAD to put in. Make this a little fuckin’ easier and maybe i’ll consider downloading this crap.

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