Shaders Mod for 1.6.2 Update Release date!

Hey there! I’ve got some really Awesome news for you! It’s that the Shaders Mod is going to be released for 1.6.2 on the 28th of July!

I’m not so sure yet if it will be working 100% But I’ll make a Video tutorial over it for you guys as a lot of you have requested it!

Also I’m getting quite a lot of Haters on my Shaderpack video for changing the title to 1.6.2 what is totally correct! I think that everyone got a huge misstake and thinks the Mod is for 1.6.2. So I’d want to apologize for that as it wasn’t wanted!

So I hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see us on Sunday the 28th for the 1.6.2 Shaders Update!!! 🙂

And here’s a fun Picture for Minecraft 1.6 Release that I found somewhere on the MInecraftForums ^^ 😀


How to install the Minecraft Shaders for the latest version (Always up to date)

How to install Minecraft Shaders for the latest verion (Always Updated)

  1. Go to the website and click on Downloads
  2. Choose the latest verison of the Optifine HD Ultra mod
  3. Click on (mirror) to download
  4. Open the Optifine File and click install
  5. Start Minecraft
  6. Go to options video settings and you will see a new tab “shaders”
  7. Click on open shaders folder and drag the RudoPlays shader .ZIP in there.
  8. Done!

You can simply download the RudoPlays shaders page on the Downloads Page

If you need any help, please feel free to join the Discord Server. You can ask Minecraft questions or just have a nice chat!

RudoPlays Shaders Download for 1.7.2!

Hello and Welcome to my new Website! Here you can download my newest RudoPlays Shaders 1.7.2! The Download link will always be updated with the latest version of my Shaderpack! I really do hope that you’ll enjoy them! I’ve spent a lot of time creating them and editing the shaders!

Download: click here