Minecraft 1.7.4 + 1.7.2 Shaders Mod + Optifine + Forge

Hey there, just a little update for minecraft version 1.7.2 and 1.7.4!

How to install:

1. Download all 4 Files

2. Install Forge

3. Start Minecraft Launcher and select the new 1.7.2 Forge Profile

4. Press (Windows Key) + (R) and enter %appdata%

5. Navigate to .minecraft -> mods

6. Drag Optifine.jar and ShadersModCore.jar into mods folder

7. Open Minecraft -> Settings -> Shaders -> Open Shaderpacks folder

8. Drag Rudoplaysshader.zip into the Shaderpacks folder.

9. Done!


RudoPlays Shader: LINK 1

New Shaders Mod Update + Bugfixes!!!!

Hey there all!  Karyonix has released Preview 2 of the Shaders! Now with some great bugfixes!

Fixed sky and water glitch.
Auto-calculate normal vector for all quad.
Thanks karyonix!
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Download: here


How to install:

  1. Download the 3 Files below.
  2. Open Forgeinstaller. Press OK an OK again!
  3. Open Minecraft Launcher and create a new Profile!
  4. Select Forge… from the ‘use release’ dropdown menu
  5. Start Minecraft and exit again.
  6. Go to %appdata% -> .minecraft -> Mods and drag the ShadersCoreMod.. Jar to the Mods folder
  7. done




RudoPlays: Click

Shader Mod 1.6.2 Update delayed?

Hey there guys! Got some news…


There are some bugs I cannot fix in time. It seems I can’t finish normal map loading, and mipmap generation today. New features from sonic ether are not included yet. In my development build, bump-shadow-waving can run with a little sky glitch. SEUS v10rc6 and v10rc7 can also run. The new SEUS v10.0 is not supported yet. The scene without mipmap and trilinear filtering is noisy.StatusShaderpack loading  90% complete : lack SEUS new features Shadowmap render    90% complete : lack SEUS new features Render code         80% complete : may need some fine tune Texture loading     50% complete : lack normal, specular mipmap Coremod conversion  10% complete : to do -karyonix


As you can see it’s not really finished so please wait 🙂